Occupational Athlete Wellness Program


When it comes to physically-demanding careers, it is essential to stay focused on fitness so that you can meet the challenges before you. At Health Fit Clinic, we offer a different approach to optimizing your athletic abilities and fitness levels. An approach that uses science to determine what will work best for your body, your goals, and your lifestyle.

In comparison to other programs out there, Health Fit Clinic offers a smarter, easier, and more effective solution to health and fitness regimes, personalized to the individual athlete. We don’t use the “trial and error” method, which requires many blood draws and clinic visits to reach health and fitness goals. Instead, the Health Fit Testing Method matches diet, nutrients, fitness, and stress response to the athlete’s DNA profile to help reach goals efficiently and avoid unnecessary out of pocket laboratory and healthcare costs.

As a former college Softball Pitcher and Junior Olympic Volleyball player, Dr. McCarthy recognizes that many athletes use VO2max as their overall fitness measure to gain insight into reaching wellness and fitness goals. Unfortunately, the athletes VO2max naturally decreases with age, by 1% per year after age 25. Dr. McCarthy has over ten years of hands-on experience with cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) in occupational athletes and recognizes that genetic differences may be responsible for about 40% of the athlete’s training response. She has created a new wellness program that uses CPET, handheld echocardiography and the athletes DNA report to incorporate the trainability of VO2 Max while reducing injury risk.

Dr. McCarthy


An introductory meeting with Dr. McCarthy will allow us to get to know your comprehensive physical and mental health goals prior to setting up a personalized nutrition and fitness plan just for you. We'll explore all preventative health and lifestyle options before discussing possible medication needs.