Healthcare Designed for Those on the Front Lines

For those who protect and serve us all, Health Fit Clinic is here to keep you healthy and strong. Our patients are individuals on fire departments, police departments, EMS, military branches, and within municipalities. We specialize in caring for those who do some of the most demanding jobs, both physically and mentally. Explore our healthcare services here.

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Fitness & Athletic Wellness

For athletes at every level—including occupational.

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Heart Health

Preventative care for lowering your risk of sudden cardiac events.

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Hormone Management

Evaluation, care, and ongoing monitoring for hormone balance and restoration.

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Cancer Prevention

Professional guidance for combatting cancer risk with an intentionally healthy lifestyle.

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Mental Health & Stress Care

Manage your stress levels and get care for mental wellness.

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Wellness Physical

Take an overall look at your health and wellness and understand options for optimization.

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Take the Next Step in your Wellness Journey

An introductory meeting with Dr. McCarthy will allow us to get to know your comprehensive physical and mental health goals prior to setting up a personalized nutrition and fitness plan just for you. We'll explore all preventative health and lifestyle options before discussing possible medication needs.