About Us

Caring for Those Who Protect & Serve

Health Fit Clinic is uniquely focused on keeping firefighters, police officers, first responders, and other front line workers in their best health, both inside and out. We specialize in taking what we know about the occupational risks associated with these jobs and apply it to the individual in order to prevent disease, keep you fit and feeling great, and help relieve stress. Because complete wellness includes both physical and mental health, we cover it it all from the start. Located in Arizona, we primarily serve you virtually, or at one of our local testing centers.

Our founder has always been passionate about helping those who help others. With our medical expertise, dedication to taking the time to get to know our patients and their unique needs, and our leadership within the Telehealth sector, Health Fit Clinic is ready to partner with you and your health.

Dr. McCarthy

Megan McCarthy, DNP, NP-C, CVNP-BC

Adult/Geriatrics & Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner

Dr. McCarthy is the founder and owner of Health Fit Clinic. She is Board Certified by the American College of Cardiovascular Nurses as a Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner—the first individual to be certified in Arizona and Massachusetts. She is also Board Certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners as an Adult Nurse Practitioner, which she was practiced as for several years.

Dr. McCarthy has a special interest in caring for those who rely on peak physical and mental health to help others in their line of work. Heart health, cancer prevention, and preventative care for mental and physical health continue to be strong passions for her, and she strives to cover all aspects of an individual’s needs for well-rounded care.

When not meeting with patients or conducting research, Dr. McCarthy enjoys traveling to the cooler climates of Minnesota—though she loves the Arizona sunshine—and cares for a small flock of chickens who provide her with healthy, free-range eggs each day. As an advocate for healthier living, Dr. McCarthy herself works at staying active, eating nutritiously, managing stress, and sharing her knowledge with others whenever possible.


An introductory meeting with Dr. McCarthy will allow us to get to know your comprehensive physical and mental health goals prior to setting up a personalized nutrition and fitness plan just for you. We'll explore all preventative health and lifestyle options before discussing possible medication needs.